Age: 48
Height: 6'
Chest Measurement: 44"
Natural Waist: 38"
Shoe size: 11
Hair colour - please indicate if natural hair colour. Dark Brown
Skin Colour: White
Dress Size:  
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Length: Bob, Shaggy, Tight Curls
Build: Large
Acting age: 45-54
Scars/Birth Marks/Glasses etc: None
Disabilities: Partial Deafness
Tatoos: Upper arm
Piercings: None

Colin M

  • Colin has been a Supporting Artiste for over 8 years and worked on multiple productions all over the UK. Including roles as a Police Officer for 5 years on a mainstream drama. During the lockdown, Colin has grown a big beard, which opens him up to new roles. Colin is also a  professional Zombie.